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Visa Information

This section helps you identify the countries that you would be visiting on each tour so that you can check on the visas required. Globus does not arrange visas or provide any documentation / hotel confirmation for any traveller or tour for visa purpose, with the exception of Russia. Visa letter for Russia costs extra. Please ensure that you have read through the disclaimer at the end of this page. Visa requirements differ for people with different nationalities, based on the immigration laws of the country you are visiting.
Tour Tour Name Visas Required
AA / AAE California Classics US
AB Classic Summer & Fall Foliage US
AE / AEE New! New England & Hudson valley US
AF Albuquerque Balloon Fiesta US
AH / AHE America's Historic East US
AI / AIQ New! Alsaka's Iditarod US
AJ / AJI Spectacular Alaska US, Canada
AL / ALE New! Northern California's Finest US
AN / ANQ America's National Parks US
AP / APQ Parks & Canyons Spectacular US
AQ Pacific Coast Adventure US
AR / ARE New! Exploring America's Great Parks US
AS / ASE America’s Musical Heritage US
AU New! Spirit of the American Wild West US
AV Canyon Country Adventure US
AW Yellowstone Winter Wonderland US
AX / AXE Tournament Of Roses US
AY The Classic Lodges & Parks of the West US
AZ Western Explorer US
CA Passage Through New England & Eastern Canada Canada, US
CB / CBI Ultimate Alaska & The Yukon Canada, US
CC / CCI Historic Cities Of Eastern Canada Canada
CD / CDE Great Resorts Of The Canadian Rockies Canada
CF Newfoundland & Labrador Canada
CG / CGI Grand Western Canada Vacation Canada, US
CI / CIE Quebec Winter Carnival Canada
CJ / CJI Western Canada Explorer Canada, US
CK / CKI Nature's Best : Alaska Canada, US
CH / CHE Nova Scotia & Prince Edward Island Canada
CM / CMI Seattle, Victoria & Vancouver Canada, US
CN Colorful New Foundland Canada
CR / CRI Spirit Of The Rockies Canada, US
CS / CSE Glacier National Park & The Canadian Rockies Canada, US
CT Maritimes Adventure Canada, US
CU / CUE Eastern US & Canada Discovery Canada, US
CV / CVE Majestic Rockies Plus Rocky Mountaineer Canada
CX Calgary Stampede Canada
CZ / CZI Great Canadian Rail Journey Canada, US
EK Grand Hawaii Vacation US
EN Cruising Hawaii's Paradise US
EW Best of the Hawaiian Islands US
GA London & Country UK
GB Essential Brtain & Ireland UK, Irish
GC Essential Brtain UK
GD Celtic Highlights UK, Irish
GE / GEE Britain Sampler UK, Schengen
GF / GFL Britain Uncovered UK
GG Bonnie Scotland UK
GH / GHE Emerald Isle Irish
GI Scenic Ireland Irish
GJ Scottish Highlands & Islands UK
GK Highlights of Britain & Ireland UK, Irish
GU New! From the Shannon to the Thames Irish, UK
GL The Best of the British Isles UK, Irish
GP From Ireland's Ancient East to the Wild Atlantic Way UK
GR Introduction to Ireland Irish
GT Britain & Ireland In Depth UK, Irish
GV / GVE Hidden Treasures of Southern England UK , Schengen
HA / HAL European Tapestry Schengen, UK
HC London & Paris Schengen, UK
HD / HDT European Sampler Schengen, UK
HF Essential Europe Schengen, UK
HFF / HFFT From the Colosseum to the  Eiffel Tower Schengen
HG European Highlights Schengen, UK
HH / HHT The Best of Italy & France Schengen, UK
HM / HML Enchanting Europe Schengen, UK
HS Traditional Grand European Schengen, UK
HW / HWE Holland, Luxembourg & Belgium Schengen
HY / HYT Continental Introduction Schengen , UK
HT Europe in Depth Schengen
KAA Ireland & Britain Escape Ireland, UK
KAE British Escape UK
KAF British Escape with Return to London UK
KAN North of Ireland Escape Irish
KAR Irish Escape Irish
KAS Scottish Escape UK
KCA Imperial Escape Schengen
KCB Imperial Escape with Berlin Schengen
KDA German Escape Schengen
KEA London & Paris Escape Uk, Schengen
KEF European Escape Uk, Schengen
KEG European Escape with London Schengen, UK
KFA French Escape Schengen
KGA Greeck Escape Schengen
KGK Greek Escape with 3 Night Iconic Agean Cruise Schengen, landing Card for Turkey
KGH Greek Escape with 4 Night Iconic Agean Crusie Schengen, landing Card for Turkey
KHA Swiss Escape Schengen
KIA Italian Escape Schengen
KID Bella Italia Escape Schengen
KIG Northern Italy Escape Schengen
KIJ Sicilian Escape Schengen
KPA Portuguese Escape Schengen
KSA Spanish Escape Schengen
KSD Spain & Portugal Escape Schengen
KTA Norwegian Fords Escape Schengen
KTB Norwegian Fords Escape with return to Oslo Schengen
KTH Helsinki Tallin,& Stockholm Escape Schengen
K8A America's Canyonland's Escape US
K2 Peru Escape Peru
KCZ Croatian Escape Schengen
K3 Costa Rica Escape US
K3Q Costa Rica Escape with Tortuguero US
K4 Brazil & Argentina Escape Brazil, Argentina
K4E Brazil & Argentina Escape with Santiago Brazil, Argentia, Chile
KMA Moroccon Escape Morocco
KQC Israel Escape Israel
KQD Jordon Escape Jordon
KQE Israel Escape with Jordon Israel, Jordon
K9 India Escape India
K9A India Escape with Varanasi India
K10 Japan Escape Japan
LB The Best of Italy Schengen
LD New! The Best of Italy & Sicily Schengen
LH A Taste of Italy Schengen
LI Italian Mosaic Schengen
LJ Italy's Great Cities Schengen
LK / LKE Italian Treasures Schengen
LL The Best of Italy & Sicily Schengen
LM Highlights of Sicily & Southern Italy Schengen
LN HiddenTreasures of Southern Italy Schengen
LP The Sicilian Schengen
LQ Italian Sampler Schengen
LR Italian Vista Schengen
LS Italian Tapestry Schengen
LT Gems of Umbria & Tuscany Schengen
LV / LVE Northern Italy's Highlights & Cinque Terre Schengen
LZ / LZE Italian Highlights Schengen
NC / NCS Historic Trains of the Old West US
NB Oregon's Coast, Cascades & Carft Beers US
ND Southern California with Death Valley & Joshua Tree National Parks US
NF Music Cities: Nashville & Memphis US
NG Southern Charms US
NM MackinacIsland & the Great Laskes US
NS Discover Glacier National Park, Hells Canyon & Washington Wine Country US
OB / OBE Treasures of China China, Hong Kong
OC / OCE Flavours of China & Yangtze China, Hong Kong
OD Icons of India: The Taj, Tigers & Beyond Indian, Dubai, Kathmandu
OJ / OJE Discover Japan Japan
OV / OVE Exploring Vietnam & Cambodia Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia
OY / OYE Classic China & The yangtze River China, Hong Kong
PI / PIQ / PIQ2 / PIQ3 Across Australia by Train Australia, Fiji
PK / PKE Highlights of the South Pacific New Zealand, Australia, Fiji
PN / PNE / PNY2 Naturally New Zealand New Zealand, Australia, Fiji
PS / PSE Down Under Discovery Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
PW / PWE / PWQ / PWY Wines of Australia & New Zealand Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
PT / PTE Great Adventure Down Under Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
PX / PXE Exploring Australia Australia, Fiji
PY / PYE New Year's Eve Down Under Australia, New Zealand, Fiji
QB / QBE / QBQ / QBY Kenya & Tanzania: The Safari Experience Kenya, Tanzania, Zanzibar
QC / QCE Fascinating Israel Israel, Jordon
QK / QKE Great Parks of Kenya Kenya, Dubai
QS Splendors of South Africa & Victoria Falls South Afria, Botswana, Zimbabwe, Dubai
QZ / QZE / QZE3 Tanzania: The Savannah & Beyond Tanzania, Zanzibar
RA La France Schengen
RB French Sampler Schengen
RC / RCE Normandy, Brittany & Chateaux Country Schengen, UK
RE The Best of Balkans Schengen, Croatia, Bosnia, Serbia, Romania, Turkey, Bulgaria
RF / RFE Bohemian Dream Schengen
RG / RGK / RGH / RGL / RGM Classical Greece Schengen, Turkey
RH Iconic Aegean with 4-Night Cruise Schengen, Turkey Landing card
RK Iconic Aegean with 3-Night Cruise Schengen, Turkey Landing card
RL Euphoric Aegean with 7-night cruise Schengen, Turkey Landing card
RM Greek Island Hopper Schengen
RO The Best Of Eastern Europe Schengen
RQ / RQE Warsaw, the Baltics & Helsinki Schengen, Russia
RP Paris, Champagne & the French Countryside Schengen
RS / RSO Imperial Splendors Schengen
RT Munich, Salzburg & Vienna Schengen
RW2 WWII D-Day Landing Beaches & Battle of Normandy Schengen
RV Poland, East Germany & World War II Schengen
RX St. Petersburg & Moscow Russia
RZ The Croatian Schengen, Croatia, Bosnia-Herzegovina
SA / SAQ / SAE / SAY Spirit of South America Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Ecuador
SB / SBE / SBQ / SBY / SBE2 / SBY2 South American Getaway Brazil, Argentina, Chile
SF / SFE Patagonia: Journey to the end of the world Chile, Argentina, Uruguay
SG / SGQ / SGE / SGY / SGE2 / SGY2 South American Odyssey Brazil, Argentina, Chile, Uruguay, Peru
SO / SOQ / SOE3 / SOY3 / SOE / SOE2 / SOY / SOY3 Peru Splendors Peru, Ecuador
SP / SPQ / SPE / SPY / SPE2 / SPY2 Legacy of the Incas Peru, Ecuador
SR / SRQ / SRE / SRY / SRE2 / SRY2 Natural Wonders Of Costa Rica Guatemala, Costa Rica
TCO Catholic Central Europe with Oberammergau Schengen
TG / TGE Journey Through the Holy Land Israel, Jordan
TL / TLO The European Reformation Schengen
TM Marian Shrines of Europe Schengen
TP Footsteps of Apostle Paul Schengen, Landing card for Turkey
TV / TVO Grand Catholic Italy Schengen
TZ Legacy of St. Patrick Irish
YV Cuba's Charming Colonial Cities & Havana Cuba
YY / YYE The Wonders of Mexico's Yucatan Mexico
ZB / ZBO German Schengen
ZC / ZCO The Best of Austria & Switzerland Schengen
ZD / ZDO German Highlights Schengen
ZE / ZEO Bavarian Highlights Schengen
ZF Alpine Countries Schengen
ZH / ZHO Spectacualr Switzerland Schengen
ZI / ZI0 Top of Switzerland Schengen
ZG / ZGO The Best of Switzerland Schengen
ZL New ! Land of the Midnightsun & Lofoten Islands Schengen
ZM / ZME Best of Norway Schengen
ZN / ZNM / ZNE The Grand Scandinavian Circle Tour Schengen, Russia
ZO / ZOE Lisbon & Northern Spain Schengen
ZP Portugal in Depth Schengen
ZQ ZQE Scenic Norway Schengen
ZR Iceland Adventure Schengen
ZRS Gems of Iceland with Whale Watching Schengen
ZRW Gems of Iceland with Northern Lights Schengen
ZS / ZSE The Scandinavian Schengen
ZT / ZTE Northern Capitals Schengen, Russia
ZU / ZUE Spain, Portugal & Morocco Schengen, Morocco (UK visa for optional Gibraltar sightseeing)
ZV The Best of Spain Schengen
ZW / ZWE Iberian Vacation & Morocco Schengen, Morocco (UK visa for optional Gibraltar sightseeing)
ZX Spanish Fiesta Schengen, UK
ZY Spectacular Spain Schengen (UK visa for optional Gibraltar sightseeing)
ZZ Highlights of Spain & Portugal Schengen

The responsibility of obtaining all visas / entry documents, for meeting all health and other requirements, and for any documents required by the laws, regulations, orders, and/or requirements of the countries lies with the traveler. Traveler must consult with appropriate consulates to determine if any visas are needed and are responsible for obtaining all visas and entry documents independently. Globus is not responsible for providing specific visa and passport information or documentation and Globus cannot accept liability for any passenger refused entry onto any transport or into any country due to failure of the passenger to carry correct documentation. All passengers traveling internationally are required to have a passport. Most countries require that the passport be valid for at least six (6) months beyond the conclusion of the trip. It is recommended you have a minimum of three blank pages in your passport when traveling, as many countries require blank pages. Multiple-entry visas are required for some vacations. It is traveler’s responsibility to verify all visa and passport requirements. Any cancellations due to visa denial will deemed as normal cancellation and the appropriate penalties will apply.

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